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More Entries into Lifestyle, Plant Life and Moods

Moods is a new category as part of Lifestyle. And there you can find new pictures in both Lifestyle-1 and Lifestyle-2. And within Nature I added more photo into Plant Life. Again, these are pictures taken many years ago and some more recently, the newest one from January of this year.

Here are the links:



Plant Life



More Uploads August 2020

New Entries into Landscape, On The Way, Cities and Structures

Structures is a new Portfolio Category. And into Landscapes, On The Way-1 and On The Way-2 and Cities I added new pictures from many countries. Also this time it´s a mixture of new photos, taken last year, and slides as old as from 1988.

The new links are here:


On The Way-1

On The Way-2




Industry Photography and Other New Entries

Industry Photography, new photos

Industry Photography


Industry and Other New Entries

New photos were added to the portfolio category Industry. All pictures  were taken in Germany at the “Route der Industriekultur” in the Ruhrgebiet, the New Ruhr Area. There you can find Zollverein in Essen, a Unesco world heritage site. One of my favorite places is located in Hattingen. Other cities are Duisburg, Dortmund, Oberhausen, Bottrop and many more.

More Categories

And a few new photos were added to the categories Outside-In, People, Lifestyle, Cats, Landscape and Plant Life.

The pictures in Outside-In are examples of the very few pictures in Poly Photography which are not left as originally seen, strongly modified by image editing.