Israel and Palestine

map of Israel Palestine

Map of Israel

Israel was for a long time on my list and finally I went there in 2019. It was a pleasant and relaxing visit. It´s easy to get aroung using public transportation, train and bus. I stayed in Tel Aviv and in Jersualem and from there visited Akko (Acre), Haifa, Jericho, Masada and took a short trip to Bethlehem in Palestine.Israel and Palestine


map of Mali

Mali 2007/2008


At the end of 2007 into the new year 2008 I went on this trip to Mali. At that time it still was a very common destination to go. Today many parts of Mali are very risky for touristic visits. Mali is a fantastic touristic destination, however, learning about the political and cultural diversities and conflicts must be part of any tour through the country.

This trip included places like the capital Bamako, cities of San, Ségou, Djenné, Mopti, Niafunke, Timbuktu, the Hombori mountains, the Dogon country, and the river Niger.

At that time I always took slides, therefore all pictures shown here are scans from those slides.


South Caucasus

South Caucasus Armenia Georgia AzerbaijanSouth Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

The season was August, a perfect time to visit these countries in the South Caucasus. The year was 2019, there was no Corona, no need to worry about local rules, no need to avoid being close to people – pretty hard to imagine now. I went first to Armenia, then Georgia and finally Azerbaijan. This order was not arbitrarily, some borders were and are more difficult to cross for political reasons. Besides this, traveling was and is very easy and very exciting. You can experience an mixture of culture, lively nightlife, historical sites and modern of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia


Zum Verweilen Dahlien

Zum Verweilen

Zum Verweilen

Zum Verweilen – Gedichte, Kurzgeschichten und vieles mehr


Pianist Zürich Avalugo


Pianist Zürich Avalugo

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